Head in the point clouds - advances in 3D scanning

The landscape of surveying is changing, and this is good news for clients and their design teams. At Orms we like to ask our clients to procure 3D surveys for our projects to allow us to start design work sooner and get access to more detailed and accurate information. While 3D survey models are more...

Sustainable fabrics: Kvadrat Re Wool

Kvadrat have just released a beautiful new textile called Re-Wool, that we can’t wait to use! Made in the UK, it is composed of 45% post-industrial recycled wool, 45% new wool and 10% nylon. During the textile manufacturing process, fibres called ‘spill’ are released into the air. These are collected...

Posted by Ellen Hollobon
Orms Sustainability

Orms Stepping Challenge

This month we launched a 14 day virtual walk from Kingston to Brighton. The aim was to promote wellbeing by getting everyone active, in advance of hosting the Chicken Run this June. On March 18th, 32 of us set off on a rather ambitious 14 day walk from Kingston to Brighton, a total of 60 miles. Luckily,...

Posted by Rachel Hoolahan
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