Materials: Sustainably sourced timber

The FSC began in the early 1990’s to tackle the ongoing problem of illegal harvesting of tropical hardwood. Due to its origins in regions where large areas of forests are owned by a single organisation, each organisation in the Chain of Custody must be assessed, which can be prohibitively expensive...

Posted by Rachel Hoolahan

A Sustainable Office Lunch

The sustainability team hosted a Monday office lunch this year with the following key objectives: 1. Reduce our Environmental Footprint We chose to produce a meat free lunch as meat has the highest carbon and water footprint of all foods. 2. Reduce Waste All food was purchased with minimal packaging...

RIBA Climate Challenge 2030

Whole Life Carbon: RIBA’s 2030 Target

Mark Tillett from HTS kick-started our masterclass programme for the new year with his illuminating talk about embodied carbon and the benefits of structural retention. The shift of focus to embodied carbon is a fundamental step towards meeting the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge for Net Zero Buildings....

Posted by Rachel Hoolahan
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